2021 NL Taxation workshop 2021荷兰connect now 培训

主持人宣布了讲座记录后,connect now俱乐部的负责人Gaby Zeng 表达了本次培训与俱乐部的定位与初心,为的是帮助更多的外籍居民增加在荷兰经商,工作,生活的重要知识赋能,形成一个积极互助的圈子。
随后我们的特邀讲师Vincent 为大家带来了近3个小时知识分享。
Vincent 马斯特里赫特大学的税法学位(专注于国际税法)和莱顿大学的欧洲法律硕士学位;
荷兰税务机关De Belastingdienst;
在鹿特丹伊拉斯谟大学(Erasmus University Rotterdam)担任(国际)税法讲师
box 1-box 3 的定义,核算
30%ruiling 的详细讲解
This Saturday morning is opened by a bright sunshine of spring, we met more than 80 students online as scheduled.
The main theme of this workshop is the 2021 personal tax lecture in the Netherlands,
The entire event group and the lecturer have been developing the content over the past 90 days..
After the host announced, Gaby Zeng, head of the connect Now club, expressed the positioning and initial  of the training and the club, in order to help more foreign expats to increase the important knowledge of doing business, working and living in the Netherlands, 
Then our guest lecturer Vincent brought us nearly 3 hours of knowledge workshop, about our speaker: 
A degree in Tax Law (with focus on International Tax Law) from the University of Maastricht and a Masters degree in European Law from Leiden University. 
He has over 10 years of work experience in the field of taxation. 
worked for the de Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authorities).
worked for KPMG Meijburg as expatriate tax consultant.
co-authored a book containing selected texts of international tax treaties for expatriate tax consultants.
The content of this share from the whole to the section, for everyone to introduce:
Dutch tax composition
Key terms for Dutch tax
Personal tax incentives and reporting skills
Tax on self-housing and investment housing
definition of box 1-box 3, accounting
Detailed explanation of 30% ruling
In order to get some of the students ‘ needs to be answered, the whole training with the key part of the Chinese summary to explain, the meeting in everyone’s positive questions, the lecturer is also particularly delayed, to answer everyone’s questions.
In order to facilitate everyone to review again, after the meeting, the students can pass:
In addition to the speech, the online class video continued to learn, also received the lecturer on 2 important sections: tax filing process video and the new deal on personal tax filing response measures in addition to the 4 major materials.
During the meeting, the lecturers were also invited to sort out and outline more than 80 issues.
After the meeting, we received a lot of students ‘ praise and suggestions.

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