According to Roland Berger’s latest Report on the development of Chinese companies in EU 2019 this year, although the number of Chinese companies in major EU countries is still smaller than that of the United States and Japan, the overall growth rate has been relatively rapid in recent years, from 2013 to 2018 The number of Chinese companies has maintained a compound annual growth rate far exceeding 10%.

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The trade between China and the EU has also grown rapidly. Over the past 40 years, the scale of China-EU trade has increased by 250 times. The EU has become China’s largest trading partner for 15 years in a row. At present, two-way personnel exchanges are approaching 8 million person-times every year, and more than 600 flights fly between China and Europe every week.

According to statistics from TravelDaily, the number of Chinese tourists booking European tours increased by 27% year-on-year in 2018, of which private-custom tours increased by 150%; Europe is the second-largest destination region for Chinese tourists, accounting for 11%, second only to Asia. In the Netherlands alone, Chinese tourists coming to travel have increased by 92% compared to the previous year.

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On November 15th, at the business lunch organized by Connect Now, Kent Feng, the deputy general manager and director of operations of Connect Now, shared these interesting data. We can see that there will be more and more business exchanges between China and Europe. Connect Now provides a platform full of possibilities, connecting local European companies with the Chinese market, Chinese tourists to Europe, and the Chinese community in Europe to achieve a win-win situation.


For more than 2 million Chinese in Europe, Yorick Yi, an elite member of Connect Now as well as the COO of Ehome Europe, shared their vision, “to build the largest one-stop Internet service platform in Europe to serve the global Chinese; meanwhile, promote China Culture and business exchange between China and the West. ” Mr. Martijn Lindeman, CEO of Best Hotel Offers, an elite member and old friend of Connect now, immediately became interested in his business and contributed selflessly to the issues and solutions he had encountered while engaging in similar businesses. I believe that those opinions can play a positive role in the future development and expansion of Ehome Europe.

In the face of more and more private custom tours, Xuemei Li, also an elite member, proposed a very creative new high-end noble tour route, dinner with real members of the royal family and noble descendants, and horse riding and hunting, watching traditional and authentic aristocratic activities, everything is possible! Interested in participating? Please contact Connect Now. Join our noble covenant and leave an unforgettable experience in your life!

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