Connect Now Project Kick-off Meeting

One June 28th, Connect Now welcomed members and partners to discuss about potential project opportunities. 


During the meeting, we also discussed over our business canvas. Surrounding the areas of fashion, culture, art and investment, we provide our clients services. Through the four service packages of Connect Now, including 3 engage models, we aim for building an efficient ecosystem to make contributions for cultural and business communication in both Europe and China.  In addition to a better understanding of Connect Now’s services, this meeting also provides legal information with practical values, policy, financial and other information for Chinese companies interested in investing in the Netherlands and Dutch companies interested in promoting cooperation in China. To promote Sino-Dutch enterprises to further expand investment cooperation and achieve a higher degree of win-win development.


Now Connect Now generally provide service packages for clients in the following areas:
1. Better living in the Netherlands package is basically for the expats and families here. 
2. Open your own business in the Netherlands package aim at business owners who are willing to expand in Europe or entrepreneurs. 
3. Art and luxury package is related to the investment and auction of these two areas. 
4. Special offer is a customised package for the other unmentioned services that fit in the position of Connect Now. Based on our and the client’s capability, we will provide legal consultancy, branding, project management and other services. 


Connect Now will combine both online and offline channels to connect our members and partners.   


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