Shopper (PS) room, where Marjo, a stylist of de Bijenkorf, told us the ins and outs of the coming season. Fake fur, velvet, print, everything is possible. A woman should not forget to embrace their waist and men are also invited to play with textures and prints.


The PS room’s interior design is modern yet cozy. Here one can hand everything over to Marjo, and be assured she will provide the best end result. And of course, we cannot forget to take a selfie!


The event continued in Isaac’s bar, new connections were made with the presence of some wine. Connect Now welcomed new members that can help our community with the integration in the Netherlands and building business locally and cross border. 

Please feel welcomed to join us at the monthly events, workshops, and seminars.

Special thanks to Ms. Jessica van der Pluijm, Ms. Marjo Krancenborg, and Mr. Kai de Wit. You brought us a great journey to the fashion center. Another special thanks to Roger, our little photographer. You did a very good job to keep all the memories with your camera.

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