'Connect Now, Invest Future'              Partner Summit 2019

On this sunny day in Amsterdam, we gladly welcomed our partners and friends from Europe and China. We really appreciate the constant support from them to Connect Now. Let's take a look at the highlights of the Summit!

Panel Discussion

Connect Now as the new culture business platform took the chance to gain more insight from local partners. 
We took the chance to launch a round of questionnaires which targeted at Chinese business owners.

The feedback we heard was:
1.80% of Chinese business owners are interested in doing business abroad. 
2.The biggest concerns are legal, brand awareness and culture.
3.They are looking for a company with the Chinese background but also the understanding of local system to support on the project operation and sales distribution. 
We bring these messages to our participants and start the panel discussion: 

No.1 What is Your Top Concern When You Do Business Cross Board? 

Legalization, especially the new data projection regulation, and how to be compliant in Europe market for Chinese companies or the other way around also needs to be addressed. ---Lang liwei from V2Future

Keeping an eye on the differences of regions and concern of the alignment between the parent company (e.g. China) and local (e.g. in the Netherlands or EU) culture, market needs and sustainability practices, during market entry and beyond. ---Prof. van der Steege from Webster University 

Facing different markets, we need to have product variation in order to make it localized.
Then how should the business model in the root of Europe be applied and how to market in a different country need to be concerned. --Peter Veer, CEO (The Dutch leading furniture company Gispen, who has done business in China also experienced the differences in culture and product manufacturing)

How to find the focus market and audience, which should always be considered when starting a business, especially abroad.---Anton van der Graaf from Kylla.

No.2 How to Solve These Concerns?

Lang from V2 Future concludes his solution for Chinese companies in Europe in 3 steps:
1. Hire local consultants
2. Know about the laws yourself
3. Build the server in Europe  

Prof. van der Steege, in solution to her own concerns, discussed over facilitated strategic local partnerships and alliances and thorough market feasibility and sustainability assessment.

Mr. Veer talked about having one standard across your companies no matter the locations. This can further assist in better communication between hierarchies in company, reduces communication time and eventually, products with high qualities. He then emphasised on the word 'connected', and pointed out that everyone needs to have easy access to the association and organisations need to pinpoint the access.
Last but not least, he talked about before opening the business, where the location is would be the key topic to discuss over. 

Mr. van der Graaf from Kylla mentioned about having trustworthy local partners as 'eyes and ears' when opening a branch cross boarder. This has the same effect in aiding communication and reduces risk to a high extent. 

No.3 The Importance of Ecosystem

Our speakers have interesting discussions over this topic.
As we all know, China has WeChat, as the 'information centre'. More and more people are using it related to business matters. 
This app has the functions of many Western apps. 
Our speakers all realised the power of ecosystem. 
With business entities such as clubs and associations, entering is not easy because only members who meet requirements (nationality, industries, etc.) are allowed.
Thus, members in those tend to be in a closer social cycle.

Lang from V2Future, who is a specialist in this area stated that he believes in ecosystem power. 

Prof. van der Steege believes in the power of ecosystem (such as Connect Now), is bringing life into start-ups and international companies moving into The Netherlands. We create a soft landing that is vital to the future success of the company.
It's easy to see, open platforms such as Connect Now is engaging with people who has the international mindset, keen on art and business partnership plays an important role.


No.4 What Are the Reasons Behind Accepting Our Invitation? 

Connect Now Summit intends to gather our members together to share the cutting edge trends in all types of industries and network with each other.
Our members all seem to be really interested in what other members are doing.
Prof. van der Stiege specifically mentioned that she though this would be an important chance to get international companies off on a good footing, gain relevant information and prepare well. 

No.5 What Are Your Expectations of Us? 
This can be summed up in 3 words:
Integration, relevant, and accessible.

Mr. van der Graaf gave us a phrase 'out of the box', which concluded what businesses needed to have these days. This phrase gives Connect Now the direction of doing business, which is always unique in services and style. 

Mr. Veer expected us to be the gateway between China and Europe, which has always been our vision. Moreover, he talked about we should always have a constant focus on our position for being the excellent connector between demanders and suppliers and not being involved in any projects. 

Prof. van der Stiege proposed similar ideas of Connect Now should keep determining and meeting the needs of members and inspiring them with solutions and opportunities.

Mr. Lang further evaluated on value and benefits, which is the focus of Connect Now not only on our members but also the world as a whole. 

Connect with Feelings and Fun

Connect Now brought our partners and friends to the Canal sailing on Amsterdam Canal, enjoying fun and local games from China and Europe to create connection within this family.

Special Thanks

The Queensday painting on-site received a lot of love from our members and we really appreciated the cooperation from Home of Art and Niris/

Also we appreciate the participance of representatives from Chinese business companies.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the associations that helped us prepare and the companies that filled out our online questionnaires. 

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