Following Connect Now Summit on May 19th. One June 7th, the ‘First Investment Meeting for Angel Investors’ hosted by Connect Now was held in Amsterdam. Our partners and friends from the Dutch technology, hospitality and legal fields supported the meeting. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the general manager of Connect Now, Xue, introduced the meeting to our partners from the fields of technology, hospitality and legal fields. The meeting aims to explain the current concept of Connect Now's people-oriented, value-creating service for customers, sharing the original objective of the platform, like the profit model and the the four service packages launched in the second half of the year by members in the Netherlands, livable, Dutch investment, and Dutch entrepreneurship. 

In addition to a better understanding of Connect Now's services, this meeting also provides legal information with practical values, policy, financial and other information for Chinese companies interested in investing in the Netherlands and Dutch companies interested in promoting cooperation in China. To promote Sino-Dutch enterprises to further expand investment cooperation and achieve a higher degree of win-win development.

Equity and tax lawyer introduced investors to Connect Now's equity structure and return on investment income. 

The founder of Connect Now's hotel industry partner, the Best Hotel Offers, introduced the expansion plan of the hotel reservation platform in Europe and America, and hoped to connect to more Chinese promotion channels or seek overseas cooperation projects partners through Connect Now Club.

Adhering to the principle of connecting project opportunities, connecting people and connecting feelings, this meeting was very successful. All of our partners agree with Connect Now's global perspective, the attitude of professional consultants and the image of the company. Xue shared the experience and constructive input with investors and successfully demonstrated the main theme of Connect Now: “Connecting all the good possibilities”. After the meeting, everyone also had a good time sensing wine, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.