The talented designer of the Netherlands has won numerous awards in the highest design awards in the Netherlands. Then, in the spring and summer of 2010, the fashion will shine on the show floor of the Royal Festival Hall.

Her work won the favor of Naomi Campbell, Lady GaGa and other celebrities.

requirement: Chinese partnerships who have abundant resources, who can provide distribution channels or hotel exhibitions for her works

R+ has an art factory over 90 acres, aiming at developing glass art pieces. 

​R+ will open an Art and Creation Space to incubate designers and artists from both China and Europe and provide European designers with platform, projects and connections in China afterwards. 

​Requirements: new project opportunities in Europe for R+ art factory

Professional Dutch investment company offers the fund companies in China (small or start-ups) free project realization, and road shows that directly engage with investors 


​Case study: investment for small-scale medical enterprises; Mediterranean resort company construction, and provide development  

Investment group being led to site visit high-tech companies in Netherlands and Germany

Famous restaurant in China is looking for development opportunities in Europe. 

The restaurant was awarded with top prize in the restaurant industry in China before.

​Requirement: looking for franchisees in Europe market

Lunge Art contributes to our website construction with helping build our website model and the company designed for a lot of other famous companies.  

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