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2021 Connect With 荷兰个税讲座

2021 Netherlands Tax Filing (Individual) Workshop 



上午 10:00-12:30 







参会价值: 全面了解荷兰个税的基本尝试与最新规定



合作伙伴服务范围: 税务咨询  个人和企业税务申报  企业会计做账

Section 1:个人报税篇 


-Box 1和Box 3的税务知识内容



-个人报税操作指南(M form and P Form);

Section 2: 投资所得税篇 
-投资收益类之房产投资(自住房收入)利息区别,利息退税 投资房退税,过户税;房贷政策、买房退税问题以及出租房子交税问题,2021房屋过户税的变化





拥有马斯特里赫特大学的税法学位(专注于国际税法)和莱顿大学的欧洲法律硕士学位。 他在税务领域拥有超过10年的工作经验。

Vincent的职业生涯始于荷兰税务机关De Belastingdienst。


在鹿特丹伊拉斯谟大学(Erasmus University Rotterdam)担任(国际)税法讲师。



Half day exclusive online workshop is conducted by an experienced Dutch Tax advisor. 

We provide practical exposure on how to file income tax returns for yourself and  family members.

The workshop is conducted in a simple language and with real forms and real time online explanation for your major and investment income tax filing. 

Workshop Basic Information

February 27, 2021 (Saturday)

10:00-12:30 AM

Zoom video link will be shared to you after registration is confirmed

Class language: English (Chinese translation)

Lecture fee: 30 euros (Excl. 21% )

Connect Now Member: Free Entrance 

Audience: individuals with tax filing needs

The value of participation: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of the overall Dutch Tax system and the latest regulations.
  • Improving your knowledge on the tax filing and tax planning
  • Avoid the risk of irregularities in individual tax returns

Services from our Partner: 

  1. Tax consulting 
  2. Individual tax filing 
  3. Enterprise bookkeeping and accounting services
  4. 30%-ruling applications

Workshop will cover: 

Section 1: Individual Tax

Overview of the Dutch tax system

Personal tax basics

– Tax knowledge content for Box 1 and Box 3

– What are the actions will affect the tax filling? 

-What are the consequences if you miss the Deadline for filing your tax returns?

-Changes to the 2021 tax New rules, key terms as CRS;

-Types of personal tax return(education fee,New Energy fee, payroll, tuition tax refund,30% ruling)

-Personal tax refund benefits;

-Personal tax filing operation guide(M form and P Form);


Section 2: Investment income Tax

-Income from assets outside of the Netherlands

-Income from non-resident assets in the Netherlands

-Difference in interest on real estate investment (self-housing income) in the investment income category

-Interest tax refund on investment housing tax refund, transfer tax

-Mortgage policy, tax refund on buying a house and tax payment on renting a house,

-Changes in the 2021 housing transfer tax

– Stock earnings

Our Speaker 

Vincent van Wijgerden

Vincent van Wijgerden is Sr. Tax Consultant and co-founder of GVN International Tax Services. He has a degree in Tax Law (with focus on International Tax Law) from the University of Maastricht and a Masters degree in European Law from Leiden University. 

He has over 10 years of work experience in the field of taxation. 

Vincent started his career working for the de Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authorities). 

Subsequently he worked for KPMG Meijburg as expatriate tax consultant and for Van der Bend Tax consultants as expatriate and company tax consultant. 

In addition to his work at GVN International Tax Services, Vincent is also lecturer in (International)Tax Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has co-authored a book containing selected texts of international tax treaties for expatriate tax consultants

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