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Creating Extra CashFlow by Adding Value in Real Estate | Commercial loans for Real estate investment

Brief Introduction

Especially in the Dutch property market a lot of regulations and norms are playing a huge role. Weather you buy property for just lending out or you have to rebuild the premises, you learn how to place the first steps into the Dutch property market and how to make the best use of your own money. The workshop will help you to generate cashflow and you learn the right steps to increase your financial freedom account.

Lecturer Background

Course Outline

Topic 1-

Creating Extra CashFlow by Adding Value in Real Estate

– How to purchase existing properties below market value

-How to purchase properties with capital growth potential and which are positively geared Properties research strategy

-where, why what & how Finance: down payments, taxes, permits and management


Topic 2-

Commercial loans for Real estate investment

-What is Commercial real estate loans

-Marketing trend of Commercial real estate loans

-Qualification of Commercial real estate loans

-Procedure to apply Commercial real estate loans

The first part (15 minutes)


The founder of Connect Now will give a 5 minute opening remarks and introduce lecturers. The members will introduce themselves (name, where they are from, occupation, how to get connected with the course.

The second part (45 minutes)


Lecturers conducts live lecture of 【Creating Extra CashFlow by Adding Value in Real Estate | Commercial loans for Real estate investment​】


Q&A interaction between members and lecturers

The third part (10 minutes)


The host will conduct 10 minute’s concluding remarks appropriately introduce the characteristics and advantages of the course, and provide suggestions to the students; thank the lecturer and remind students to pay attention to the next Masterclass.

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3. After successful payment, you will automatically receive an email to change your password. If you did not receive the email, please check it at your Junk Mails.
4. Go to the course link and login in. You will find the course content. If you cannot find the course you have made the purchase already, after logging in your account, you should be able to find a my account page where you can see all the course you have the access.
5. Under the course content, you will find a lesson called Masterclass and by clicking it, you will gain access to the zoom meeting. Afterwards, you just need to enter your name and you can enter the course.

Now please enjoy your session!

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