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How to deal with common safety issues in the Netherlands

Brief Introduction

Since the beginning of this year, the cases of fraud and even violence against Chinese citizens often occur. Therefore, Connect Now held an event for everyone on ‘how to deal with common security issues in the Netherlands’. The Dutch Police Department hopes that through this lecture, local overseas Chinese can actively integrate, operate legally, and respect local customs and habits; strengthen security measures, improve safety awareness, and eliminate safety hazards; they should promptly report to the police when they encounter illegal infringements, and maintain proper legal channels rights and interests.

Introduction to the Dutch Police Station

The Dutch government has set up police stations in cities with a population of more than 40,000, with a total of 148. In order to improve efficiency, the Dutch government reorganized the police agency. Currently, the Netherlands has 25 local police stations and 1 national police station. In the function of maintaining public order, the police agency must accept the gradual leadership of the Ministry of the Interior, the provincial superintendent, and the local chief executive. In the function of fighting crime, the police agency must also accept the successive leadership of the Ministry of Justice, the attorney general, and the public prosecutor.

Course Time

December 7 | Friday 16:00-17:00 

Course Outline

-What are scams?

-Elements of scams

-Victims of scams

-Types of scams and countermeasures

-Police response to scams

-Chinese Network of Dutch Police Officers

-Open discussion

Part 1:


The host will give a 10-minute opening remarks. The trainees will make self-introductions (name, where are they from, occupation, how they got associated with the course), and introduce the main lecturers.

Part 2: 


Max.hoffmeister gives the lecture on ‘How to deal with common safety issues in the Netherlands’.


Q&A interactive session between members and lecturers.

Part 3: 


The host will give a 3-minute concluding remark, appropriately introduce the characteristics and advantages of the course and provide suggestions for the members.

1. Firstly, you can free access to the course on our website. 
2. Go to the course link and login in. You will find the course content, after logging in your account, you should be able to find a my account page where you can see all the course you have the access.
3. Under the course content, you will find a lesson called Masterclass and by clicking it, afterwards, you just need to enter your name and you can enter the course.

Now please enjoy your session!

Contact the Dutch police

The Dutch police website, you can report fraud and racial discrimination through this website. In addition, the Dutch police has a working group dedicated to serving the Chinese community: send an email to | Chinees-netwerk@politienl to contact our Dutch police for reporting and rights protection. In addition, is also also an anti-racial discrimination platform.

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