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The Dutch residential market is expected to remain relatively resilient in an economic recession.

Apartment prices rose by 10.9%, to an average of 293,085 Euro.The housing shortage in the Netherlands was estimated at about 200,000 units this year (2020), there are around 2,500 to 3,000 properties were changing hands every week via NVM agent since March 2020. 

Real estate investment has it own charm, since it is a fix asset and we can use the leverage from banks, however, the liquality and management are the downsides. 

Therefore, a clear plan, an overview and trusted networks are the key for investors to remain the success in real estate market. 


Connect Now Real Estate Coaching Program

Coaching Target:
Have a clear enter Market Plan or Walk away with a deal

  • If you are real estate lover
  • If you already have an investment property
  • If you want to be a professional investor
  • If you aim to become financial freedom
  • Start step by step ,build strong knowledge foundation  
  • Have the network and trust services you need 
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4 Weeks ( 360 mins)

Every Monday 19:00-20:30 

Start From: 3rd May, 2021

No. of Mentees: 8-10 People 

Assignments: Given Step by Step

Language: English  ( Support in Chinese summary)

Program Fee: 1,299 Euro(exc.btv)

Connect Now Members: 1,199 Euro(exc.btv)

Coaching Program

Real Estate Coach

Lia is trained as an architect / designer, as such she has also worked from her own office together with her team. 

She has worked for developers and large investors/multinationals for years. Since 2010, she has been a full-time real estate investor focused on adding value by transforming. 

Her current strategy is transformation and renovation projects, where Lia builds extra m2, adapts, splits and tops destinations. her invested properties have covered appartment, stuido and office buidings. 

In addition, Lia organizes 4X a year the Masterclass look different, the art of adding value to Real Estate. 

She also supports women who invest in real estate. She coaches people to speed up real estate by adding value.

why Join ? One stop trustworthy Partners and Community

Founder of Connect Now
Gaby Zeng

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for the interests in our club’s offer. 

we are not only provide you with the hands on  Knowledges but also with a connected business community, where you will be engaged with our trustworthy services providers and a group of people who has the same mindset. 

This upcoming Coaching Program is designed for mentees who is aim at having financial freedom through real estate investment and have the basic knowledge in commercial properties investment experiences. 

I have 2 years of commercial property investment expereinces and case studies. I personally will alos join the program to support your understanding and provide some translation. the goal is to ensure that you are on the track and able to walk away with confidence, plan, might even be a property. 


Your success in business and investment is the happiness of ours.


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