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OUR strengths

  • Professional elite lecturer

  • A variety of course experiences

  • Flexible learning location

  • Direct to the business circle

  • Real-time interactive experience

OUR target groups

  • Need to expand business network

  • First came to live in Holland

  • Need to invest and finance

COurse outline

                                                              Investment of VIP Boutique Courses

A boutique investment course for start-up real estate investors and those who study real estate in the Netherlands. Participants will learn how to enter the Dutch real estate market and how best to invest with funds.

Industry research

Well-known Dutch real estate investment expert

-Enthusiastic leader with local and international operational experience.

-Responsible for the investment and trading of European asset support and mortgage-backed securities in various asset classes.

-Leading in real estate investment restructuring and project areas in the Netherlands.

-Perform well in a highly dynamic environment while remaining pragmatic and rational.

Property financing

Strategy/action plan

Real estate calculations

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Lecturer list


Types of Dutch companies

Weiming Feng

-More than 20 years of experience in the Dutch legal industry

-OHP’s European-Dutch tax legal advice

Types of personal income tax

Dutch M&A process

Stan Ph. Robbers

-Partner of Hesheng Company Law, Partner in charge of China Business Department

Settling business disputes in the Netherlands

Herman Ruiter

-Senior lawyer in corporate legal affair


Analysis of Commercial Loans for Investment Real Estate


-Managing Director of ING Bank

-General Manager of Sellacorte

-Bouwfonds Senior Real Estate Consultant

Financial market trends under the black swan

Anton van der Graaf

-Former BNP Paribas Private Banking Expert

-Kylla Corporate Affairs Partner

Living in the Netherlands

Golf & business

Peter Klerkx

-Paliwigo CEO

Wine & Business

Men’s Boutique Life

Three major luxury brand designers 

Mental health and yoga

Senior Manager of Philips

Prevention and rights protection of Dutch security issues

Dutch Police

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