Family, personal tax-personal income tax

Tax report and tax return for personal and family

Starting in March of each year, income tax for the previous tax year (January 1 to December 31) can be sorted and reported.
Individual tax can be reported within 5 years at the latest (the latest in 2015 can be reported by 2021)

Under what circumstances must I report personal income tax?
If the family receives the personal income tax notice from the tax bureau, whether it is a tax refund or a supplement, it must be reported before the time period mentioned in the letter. (You can also apply for an extension)

Common tax refund situations:

  • Buying a house/interest

  • Self-funded vocational training fee

  • Job changes (resignation, job change)

  • Changes in family members

The materials needed to apply for a tax:

  • Applicant DigiD

  • Bank account information

  • And related materials that meet the above conditions


  • House settlement statement provided by the notary office

  • Invoice provided by the training institution and proof of payment

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