Project location: China
Major industries: glass industry product development and design
Project unit name: R+ Tianfu Art Creation Centre

Rongherong stands for integration, harmony, and glory. It is located in Chengdu, the capital of abundance. Rongherong is committed to the company philosophy of “integrating you and me to create glory in life”, and is also committed to carrying forward the glass products industry. It will relentlessly pursue the beauty of art, humanities and fashion, and integrate it into the gorgeous glass craft. Practice life aesthetics in innovation! Rongherong has vigorously expanded the field in R&D and design of glass crafts, and has been evolving in an effort to become a leader in China’s glass products industry. Since 2005, Mianzhu Rongherong Glass Products Co., Ltd. has cooperated with domestic and foreign design masters based on the domestic first-class research and development platform, and has started cooperation with famous liquor enterprises such as Jiannanchun, Xifeng, Hengshui, Gujinggong, Blast Furnace and Songhe. In 2010, Rongherong became a Maotai supplier. In order to better serve high-quality customers, Rongherong actively seeks to change. In 2012, it purchased 86 acres of land in Mianzhu Jiangsu Industrial Park and established Sichuan Ronghe Jingzhi Glass Products Co., Ltd. (R+ Tianfu Yichuang) for industrial upgrading. The new base will promote intelligent manufacturing,transform and integrate modern service industries, and  use glass as a carrier to enable R&D, design, manufacturing and other aspects to use services to enhance value and create cross-industry international service platform. Innovation enables it to flexibly respond to market changes, master core technologies and high-end manufacturing, eventually make it integrated, fission, and fusion.

Company achievements: The design of the new base won the 2016 Silver American Architecture Award (AAP) in the category of Mixed Use and the 2016 World Architecture Design News Network (WAN) Future Business Project Award.

It is expected to be grandly open in February 2020, becoming an industry leader with innovative moves. A new entity that integrates value creation behavior and is included in one of the “Key Projects of Sichuan Province”.


Connect now talks to Tian Fu, founder of Tianfu

Listen to the voices of Chinese entrepreneurs

Q: What was the original intention of creating Tianfu Art?

Leo: R+ Tianfu Yichuang is located in the Industrial Park of Gaoxin District, Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province, China. It has a famous New Year Village and Rose Valley. It has a rich traditional cultural atmosphere and makes R+ Tianfu Yichuang the mixture of traditional glass processing, artist exhibition and museum. The conference and life experience center are integrated into one, and we hope to become an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary integrated entrepreneurial industrial park! China’s cultural market has great potential. The combination of traditional culture and modern culture allows the future generation to pass on such a culture. It is a deeper direction and is willing to discover beauty and share joy with ever year.

Q: How do you view the collision between traditional culture and the new generation? How do you treat the collision of Chinese and European culture?

Leo: At present, the globalization process has gradually penetrated among Chinese brands. The “Belt & Road Initiative” strategy has been continuously implemented. A global economic cooperation platform with development as the goal of cooperation, openness, tolerance, mutual benefit and win-win is being established. China’s new generation who is abroad returning to China is becoming a mainstream, and the trend of returning high-level talents has become more apparent. It has guided the integration of new culture and traditional culture in China. At the same time, the cultural exchanges between China and Europe are not only interactive, but also innovative. It also reflects the great integration, “you have me and I have you”. Our purpose goes along with each other.

Q: What are the challenges facing Chinese art?

Leo: As a capital of Tianfu, Sichuan has a very strong foundation of folk art, but many of them lack the IP protection recognized by the world. How does traditional art combine with fashion? How to spread and promote internationally? Products need a more systematic and mature development model, and at the same time, this is also an opportunity for products to go international.

Q: What kind of cooperation can you provide to European businesses?

Leo: We can provide: 1. exhibition space for design and product ideas for overseas artists, provide services for project inspection and project docking; 2. Provide projects for domestic artists and merchants to exchange and inspect with European artists; 3. To provide domestic entrepreneurs an international creation space in Tianfu Yichuang Incubation Park.

Look forward to more European companies bringing Chinese traditional culture to the rest of the world.

Q: What are your expectations for working with Connect Now?

Leo: First of all, congratulations on the establishment of Connect Now. I’m glad to cooperate with such a good partner as Connect Now, and also provide Tianfu Yichuang with the best resources to connect with the international. Tianfu Yichuang provides the best products, Connect Now is the platform incubator, and connects Chinese entrepreneurs to the new culture and traditional culture of Central Europe.


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