Event Design Service 项目设计服务

Updated: Jul 1

Full service around Event You need support for your next product launch, industry conference, press conference, opening ceremony, trade show/Exhibition or an incentive activity? We provide full service from concept to realization for all kinds of events, no matter it is big or small. We are based in Germany and we provide event service in whole Europe. Because of many years experience, we have built a solid network of partners and resources in UK, French, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland and Czech.

Service portfolio EVENT PLANNING

  • Target analyzes

  • Event concept

  • Location search

  • Experience design

  • Space design

  • Budgeting


  • Venue

  • Booth building

  • Catering

  • Entertainment

  • AV technology

  • Live streaming

LOGISTIC SERVICE • Invitation • Registration • Flight & hotel • Group ticketing • Transfer service • Side program

EVENT MAN POWER • Host • Photographer • Videographer • Hostess • Interpreter • Guide

How we work? We give our most professional suggestions and keep flexible and cooperative at the same time.

We believe, only with someone you can trust and rely on, remarkable works can be done.

How we work?

UNDERSTANDING We listen to our clients, because they know their brands best. We understand that every requirement comes with a reason, that’s why we never say “No” to our clients. Instead, we believe there will always a solution. CREATIVITY We love to create, not only because that is a lot of fun for us, but also we love to achieve the goal and build up something fantastic. We are passionate about what we are doing. That is the only reason why we can create magic for the clients. COMMUNICATION We stay close and reachable all the time. Delivering a smooth cooperation process to the clients is as important as the final result for us. RELYABILITY Clients’ interest is our priority. We are dedicated to deliver what we have proposed with the best quality. We are proud of being the most reliable partner of the clients.


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体验 #体验路线设计 #场景设计 #交互体验设计 #参与式展示 #多媒体装置 #3DMapping #VR #AR #MR

设计 #品牌视觉系统 #KV #广告 #展厅 #展台 #零售空间 #促销广告 #海报 #包装 #杂志设计 #网站网页 #影片 我们整合优势, 创造独特的品牌 体验

围绕活动的 “一站式”服务 您需要在欧洲筹办一场新品发布会、行业峰会、媒体活动、开幕式、展览展会,或是一次员工 活动? 我们将为您提供从策划概念到落地执行的“一站式”服务,无论这是一场数千人的大型盛事, 抑或是一个只有几十人的小而美的精英聚会。我们扎根德国,业务范围覆盖整个欧洲,英国、 法国、德国、意大利、西班牙、荷兰、比利时、卢森堡、奥地利、波兰和捷克等,我们都拥有 强大可靠的资源和多年丰富的落地实践经验。



• 主持人 • 摄影师 • 摄像师 • 礼仪模特

• 翻译/同传

• 导游


  • 目标分析

  • 创意概念

  • 场地寻址

  • 体验设计

  • 空间设计

  • 预算管理


• 邀请

• 注册

• 机票&酒店

• 流程管理

• 交通接驳

• 休闲娱乐


  • 场地

  • 搭建

  • 餐饮

  • 娱乐表演

  • 多媒体技术

  • 现场直播 / 录播

工作风格 我们给予专业意见的同时也保持灵活性。 我们相信,只有获得客户的信任,精诚合作,才能做出杰 出的作品。

工作风格 理解 首先,我们懂得聆听,因为客户才是最了解自己品牌的人。 我们理解每一个要求的背后都有其特定的原因。因此,我们 从来不对客户说“No”,而是相信总能找到解决问题的办法。 创新 我们热爱创新。创新不止因为乐趣,更是为了实现客户的目 标。我们对所从事的创意工作充满热情,而这也是我们持续 致力卓越的唯一原因。 沟通 我们随时随地保持与客户的紧密沟通。我们认为顺畅的合作 过程,与完美的show time同等重要。 信任 客户利益永远优先。我们以行践言,始终如一,保证高质量 的交付。成为客户最信赖的合作伙伴,是我们能得到的最高 嘉奖。