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The trade between China and the EU has also grown rapidly. Over the past 40 years, the scale of China-EU trade has increased by 250 times. The EU has become China's largest trading partner for 15 years in a row. At present, two-way personnel exchanges are approaching 8 million person-times every year, and more than 600 flights fly between China and Europe every week.

According to statistics from TravelDaily, the number of Chinese tourists booking European tours increased by 27% year-on-year in 2018, of which private-custom tours increased by 150%; Europe is the second-largest destination region for Chinese tourists, accounting for 11%, second only to Asia. In the Netherlands alone, Chinese tourists coming to travel have increased by 92% compared to the previous year.

Contact us for the tailor made proposal:

01 Market Research & Strategy

ØSuggest the targeting market and clients

ØFigure out their needs and buying behavior

ØStudy the competitors, define the position, and analysis SWOT

ØSet up cost efficient and effective logistics

02 Project Management

ØSetting up project plans, managing project team.

ØManage cross-border project teams, feedback progress and issues efficiently

ØFinding specialists to execute specific tasks.


ØIntroduce qualified business partners

ØArrange visits, meetings, conference and exhibition visits, and your tailored matchmaking events

ØProfessional translation and optimization to avoid misunderstanding

04 Sourcing & Negotiation

ØFind trade partners with a reliable reputation

ØFind qualified suppliers to resolve regulations and procedures efficiently

ØCompare different selling/purchasing alternatives

05 Business Representation

Conducting business in the Chinese way

ØLocalize the marketing approach and promotional activities

ØDeal with local governments and service providers

ØStand for the customer’s benefit and strive for the best deals

06 Design your Experience

ØGet more insights based on goals and ambitions

ØEnlarge the network with China-EU community

ØArrange site visits according to specific requirement

ØBetter understand Chinese culture, people, and business model