Xue van Loon Zeng



IMBA at Webster University and have Data Science Education at University of Southampton and IBM

She has worked for Huawei,  Baidu, and the European Union Chamber of Commerce In the role of marketing and membership manager

She founded Chengdu blue sun PR and co-founder of Hongen Education school in leshan district with over 1000 students

​W Postma

Hotel Consultant Partner


Management position in IHG Hotel in Geneva and Amsterdam; International Hotel and Property Consultant ;

Former Executive Director of the Arab Investment Group in Luxembourg, Düsseldorf, Germany

Highly recognized network in the hospitality and real estate industries

 He Jiao Yang

IMC Southeast China

Co-operate Partner

OCT Group Sino-French Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Minister of International Cooperation

​Sichuan Foreign Commerce & Trade Chamber, Director of the European Commission

Tianfu Life Science park, Project Manager

Tianfu International Community, Senior Manager of Marketing and  Leasing

Chengdu Boray Advertising, Boray Group, Senior Project Manager

HSBC Chengdu, Personal Financial Advisor

Ruan lingdan

IMC Business Advisor

Senior Researcher, China SME   Research Center

Member of the core curriculum development team of China       

Equity Incentive Researcher

Senior Research Fellow, China  Equity Incentive Researcher

Shen Xiao Ming

IMC Architecture Advisor


Architect in Zhejiang University Building 

Design Research Institute 

Head of Second College in Zhejiang University 

Design Director