Real Estate Financing

The Service of Real Estate Financing

The service of  Real Estate Financing can make the conclusion that Banks have lower interest rates but are very restrictive. Loan to income provide high LtV and low interest rates. Max 3 properties. PE firms have smooth process and high interest rates. Proof of origin of capital is difficult for people not living in The Netherlands

The people we serve

  • Lenders

    Family, friends, banks, PE firms and crowd funding.

  • The banks

    They focus on big firms and they are very picky.

  • PE firms

    Value are 70 – 80%, 3-4% interest, 3 properties.

Loan application process

  • Introduction meeting

  • Collection of first documents (passport, tax returns, etc.)

  • Application is submitted to the bank

  • Based on initial checks, the bank sends an indicative proposal

  • Collection of documents (valuation report, rent agreements etc.)

  • Assessment file by the bank and additional questions

  • After final agreement the binding offer follows

  • After signing the offer letter the instruction are send to the notary

  • Notary passes the mortgage deed and transfers the money

  • Process Time

The process takes 4 to 6 weeks dependant on which bank will provide the loan and how
much time the valuator needs for his report.

  • Cost

Costs for the valuation report amount to app €900
Costs for advisory services amount tot 1% of the loan amount.
Costs for the notary / mortgage deed amount to €600

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