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Engage You For the Qualified Real Estate Partners and Manage the Growth of Your Wealth

About Us

Connecting you with Qualified Real Estate Investments

Connect Now Real Estate Fund, managed by Kylla Asset Management Limited (“Kylla”), brings together a key partnership in fund management and real estate bridge finance.

The fund provides short term asset backed finance to professional real estate investors(the borrowers).

What Do We Do

Where We Build Your Visions

We offer qualified investors an opportunity to participate in a low risk, medium return strategy.  Under the care of professional fund managers and experienced partners, we engage you with high net-worth real estate borrowers and we work to grow your wealth.

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What We Focus On

We are connected to and source our opportunities through a network of borrowers who primarily focus on purchasing and adding buy-to-let properties in the Netherlands as part of their investment portfolio.

We provide interim or bridge finance to allow them the opportunity to close on the specific asset, while they seek longer term mortgage finance for the property. 

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Why Us

The relative short term of the finance allows us to reasonably charge the borrower a higher interest rate on the amount loaned, meaning that we can pass that earnings on to our investor.


We are your trusted long-term investment partner. And to deliver above-average returns.

Professional Team

Ability to deploy small amounts of capital at a time

Industry-leading Partners

High quality security and secure exit strategy

Balanced Fund

Good deal flow based on 5 years of loan origination

Premium Services

Pre-qualified diversified deals

Our Team

We are financial guides and creative geniuses, we are able to find and cultivate the right investment opportunities, and precisely match investors and investments. 

Dick van Druten
-Fund Manager

Dick van Druten co-founded Kylla in 2002 by combining his pioneering mid-90s’ experience as an internet entrepreneur with his time as a partner at incubator investor Apex Ventures. Dick has led investments in, and served as a director, of numerous Kylla portfolio companies and clients, and is a specialist in structuring cross-border corporate transactions. Dick studied commercial economics at the University of Professional Education in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, and is the former chairman of the Dutch Corporate Finance Association.

Michael Marabini
-Investment Manager 

Michael Marabini joined Kylla in 2019. Born in Zimbabwe and holder of a B Com (Economics and Law) and LLB from Rhodes University, he worked as a successful commercial attorney in South Africa. After three years as an associate, Michael became a director and partner of the firm and immediately set about reforming management structures and marketing it to drive growth and acquire new talent. Michael’s passion for commerce, people and investing subsequently led him to seek a move into finance. This in turn brought him to Kylla, in Amsterdam

Anton van der Graaf
-Fund Manager

 Anton van der Graaf who joined Kylla in 2012 as a Partner to build on the firm’s international expansion, holds an MSc in financial management from Business University Nyenrode, The Netherlands. His track record includes working as a sales director for Robeco Alternative Investments, in Switzerland, and managing structured products for MeesPierson Private clients. Subsequently, he developed a Dutch Desk for UHNWI clients of BNP Paribas in Geneva, Switzerland, and he repeated the trick with BNP Paribas Amsterdam to develop the UHNWI International Desk.


Zeng Xue
-Investment Advisor

Zeng Xue formally entered the business field after obtaining a master‘s degree from Webster University in the United States. She is now the founder of Connect Now and the chairman of the Sichuan Chongqing Chamber of Commerce and the European Union Chamber of Commerce. She used to be the head of marketing for China’s digital finance at Huawei Technologies and founded the principal of Leshan School. 

She has nearly 12 years of global brand experience in the ICT industry, focusing on developing flexible digital strategies based on consumer insights and big data. These rich practical experience, industry insight, market segmentation, business opportunity mining, marketing execution capabilities make her more proficient in marketing project management and control. In the field of business, she has extensive network resources and has accurate judgments on investment projects.


Wen Liu
-Investment Advisor

Wen Liu is co-founder of Connect Now Investment Partner B.V. , holds a Master degree in Finance and Accounting from Rotterdam Business School, The Netherlands. After 10 years of professional corporate treasury working experience, she decided to take the new challenge with a group of enthusiastic partners. She worked as Treasury Manager in a leading payment services company in the Netherlands and participated in two successful acquisitions with a private equity company and a French listed company. After that she moved to Stockholm and joined in the biggest steel company in both Sweden and Finland, SSAB AB as group treasury middle office manager. She is specialized in corporate treasury including liquidity management, international funding, financial risk management, FX hedging and managing bank relationships. 

Investment Procedure 

Investing in this Fund is suitable for Qualified Investors:


  • With considerable experience in investing.
  • With a significant asset portfolio.
  • Who do not immediately require income from the investment and can afford the risk.
  • You are aware that the fund is illiquid of their investment in the Fund.

Investment and Risk

The minimum tranche for investment is €250,000 and the fund will be managed in Euros. The minimum investment period is one year, investors have an option to redeem every six months thereafter.

The fund is established in the Netherlands, which has been chosen for its regulatory framework, transparency, flexible jurisdiction, and openness to an international clientele and international markets. This makes it easier for international investors to join the fund.

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