Together with Our Partners, We Provide you with One Stop Services for the Business Success and Life Happiness   


Netherlands offers companies a perfect climate to compete successfully in Europe. 

Our service partners have a worldwide office network.

They have been providing services for more than 100 Chinese companies in the Netherlands.

Our services cover:

  • Tailor made trip 

  • Consulting 

  • Company structure advising 

  • Company registration

  • IP registration (trademark, copyright, patent)

  • Bank account opening

  • Office renting

  • Government subsidies

  • Corporate financing 

  • Taxation, legal support

  • Deliver dedicated staff into your business

  • Immigration application

  • Day to day management 

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The Netherlands offers a favorable living environment with an exceptional quality of life. 


If you choose to buy property, interest paid on mortgage is fully deductible from your income tax return. Also, the Netherlands has a special tax regime for expats.    

  • Mortgage advisor  

  • Mortgage application

  • Insurance services     

  • Partner Visa              

  • Family tax filling and return

  • Localization education workshop 

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Invest for the higher return for growing wealth, with a precessional environment and high inflation.

Our certificated partners have a list of investment portfolios that come along with risk control management services. 

Buy to Let Mortgage (With 90% success rate)

If you are already a home owner, thinking about buying properties as investment, we're able to provide you with: 

  • Investment advising  

  • Refinancing 

  • The entire mortgage applying process 


The funds we proposed is from the company which has 20+ investment and financing experiences. 

It has open architecture with proprietary algorithmic trading platform.

Regulatory framework, flexible jurisdiction, easy for international investors to join.

Delivering highly profitable return, option to redeem every 6 months.  

Investment Immigration 


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Enter Market Services in China

Our Chinese partners are based in  Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. The team with 100 employees will take care of your product go to China campaign.


Our services scope covers:

  • Feasibility  research 

  • Local government lobbying 

  • Online store and physical store management

  • Marketing campaign

  • Supply chain management

  • Technical development


Enter Market Services In Netherlands  

Our local partners from multinational cooperates with successful case studies in the industries as ICT, FMCG, electric products.


Our service scope covers: 

  • Market research 

  • Local  business representative  

  • Local partner engagement 

  • Local government lobbying 

  • Online store and physical store management

  • Marketing campaign

  • Supply chain management

You may book single services, or hire us as a project team:

  • We go to China for 2-3 days

  • In-depth understanding on your needs

  • We come back with feasibility plan and quotation


(Up to now, there will be no service cost beside of logistic cost)


Work as the team to support the business engagement .

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