Our tax partners are from the global level to local professional tax firms who provide one-stop-shop for our Chinese clients. They work together with other specialists to optimise our support for your needs.The services include bookkeeping services, compiling annual accounts and filing tax.

As an entrepreneur, you want to spend your time on matters as the growth of your company, your clients and the products, rather than the bookkeeping.

Annual Financial Report Nevertheless, you do want to know the company’s health. Administrative duty and accounting are basic elements for any financial report on the ins and outs of the company. Each company is obliged to draw up an annual financial report to determine its result and capital position. Our partners prepare a financial report (compilation assignment) for its clients so that the filing obligation is met, and the income tax return or corporation tax can be done. The tax and accounting rules are applied as suitable as possible, so that when something is not appropriate, they will report it to you.

Tax Advising If we have to stand up for our clients in discussion with the tax office or even at the tax court. This gives you, as a client, the confidence that our tax advice is taken seriously and that we are aware of and keep up with the most recent changes in tax matters. In any area of tax law, such as income tax, payroll tax,turnover tax, corporate tax, etc. we can assist you with advice and help you to manage your tax matters.

Payroll Administration Services Even with your employee administration you are at the right place. Our partners will prepare salary slips, file payroll tax and giving advice on employment issues are some of our daily tasks. In these times when there are more and more duties resting on the employer, they will help you with absenteeism, arbo services, hours of accountability, collective bargaining, termination of employment,privacy, etc. For you as an employer it is needed to meet the ever-changing legal obligations. You will keep you informed about all the changes and requirements that the authorities set and help you to meet these requirements.

我们的税务合作伙伴从全球到本地专业税务公司 他们为我们的中国客户提供一站式服务。他们与其他专家一起合作,以优化我们对您的需求的支持。服务包括:簿记服务,编制年度账目和备案税。 作为企业家,您希望将时间花在公司,客户和产品的增长上,而不是簿记中。


不过,您确实想知道公司的健康状况。行政职责和会计是任何有关公司财务状况的基本要素。每家公司都有义务起草一份年度财务报告,以确定其业绩和资本状况。我们的合作伙伴会为其客户准备一份财务报告(编制工作),以便履行备案义务,并可完成所得税申报表或公司税。税收和会计规则将尽可能适用,以便在某些不适当的情况下将其报告给您。 税务咨询

如果我们必须支持我们的客户与税务部门甚至在税务法庭进行讨论。作为客户,您可以放心,我们的税务建议已得到认真对待,并且我们了解并紧跟税务事务的最新变化。在税法的任何领域,例如所得税,工资税,营业额税,公司税等,我们都可以为您提供建议并帮助您管理税收事务。 工资管理服务

即使采用员工管理,您也处于正确的位置。我们的合作伙伴将准备 工资单,工资薪金税以及就就业问题提供建议是我们的日常任务。在这些时间里,当雇主承担越来越多的职责时,它们将为您提供缺勤,Arbo服务,问责时间,集体谈判,终止雇佣关系,隐私权等方面的帮助。对于作为雇主的您,需要满足不断变化的法律义务。您将随时了解当局设置的所有更改和要求,并帮助您满足这些要求。

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