Why Choose the Netherlands for Investing?

As a country with a long tradition of trade and commerce, the Netherlands ranks third in the “Best Business Countries” list in Forbes magazine, and is a veritable world-class business. The overseas investments have been increasing year by year and are all derived from the unique charm of the Dutch business ecosystem. According to official statistics from the Netherlands, Chinese companies have established more than 700 direct investment companies in the Netherlands. China has been the second largest source of foreign investment projects in the Netherlands for many years.

Important reasons for investing in the Netherlands:

•Great geographical location 

The ideal European hub because of the Port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport.

•An excellent business environment 

The Netherlands is the tenth largest recipient of foreign investment in the world.

•Effective government 

According to the World Bank, the Dutch government is one of the most effective governments in the world.

•A fair and transparent legal system 

It has the ability to handle business, trade, tax and patent issues.

•Favorable taxation system 

The Dutch tax system has many features that may be very useful in international tax planning.

•A sound financial system 

It focuses on global financial markets and trends.

Chinese entrepreneurs investing in the Netherlands believe that the Netherlands is an effective gateway for exporting Chinese goods to Europe; it is the first choice for European headquarters with high quality and low operating costs; it has an ideal international tax planning, stable investment environment and friendly investment for foreign investor destination.


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Mr. Kort Expert Introduction

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