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International Networking, Updated Information, Trusted Advisors, Added Value Services

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Elite Member

€498 per year (Excl.21% VAT)

*Join the the alive workshops around tax, law, insurance, wealth management and other topics. 

*Have the exclusive access to review the online training materials and videos. 

*Engage with trustworthy business, investment advisors directly. *Benefit from Membership activities, where you can meet like-minded partners, professional service providers. 

*Our Member Services team is also standing by for your life and business needs and questions. 

*Enjoy added value discount from high-end brands and restaurant.


Membership Requirement:
Member has legal documents with good business and social reputation.
Member has or shows the intention in business and investment.
You are referred or invited directly by club members.


€498 per year (Excl.21% VAT)

*会员活动,在这里你能认识到和你一样志同道合的伙伴,专业服务商。 *会员服务,为你在生活与创业经商的问题提供及时的服务与资源对接。


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