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How to Settle your disputes in the Netherlands?

Brief Introduction

There are too many disputes in life, but each dispute has a corresponding solution. For commercial disputes, the senior lawyers of Hesheng Law Firm will bring you wonderful content. He first introduced the types of courts, the advantages and characteristics of arbitration, and combined with the practical experience of arbitration cases and the judicial review viewpoints of the courts, he pointed out the main problems in the choice of dispute resolution methods for enterprises, and guided everyone on how to sign in commercial negotiations. Favorable arbitration agreement.

Lecturer Background


Course Outline

-various venues to litigate  in the Netherlands


-unique services


-tips & Tricks

Course Time

November 13 | Friday 16:00-17:00 

The first part (15 minutes)


The founder of Connect Now will give a 5 minute opening remarks and introduce lecturers. The members will introduce themselves (name, where they are from, occupation, how to get connected with the course.

The second part (45 minutes)


Lecturer Herman Ruiter conducts live lecture of 【How to Settle your disputes in the Netherlands?】


Q&A interaction between members and lecturers

The third part (10 minutes)


The host will conduct 10 minute’s concluding remarks appropriately introduce the characteristics and advantages of the course, and provide suggestions to the students; thank the lecturer and remind students to pay attention to the next Masterclass.

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Now please enjoy your session!

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