[Sep. 20, Amsterdam] Enjoying the sun in these autumn months, the networking and exchanging the business ideas together, Connect Now Monthly Community Party was successfully held in this beautiful Autumn.

Connect Now Club House selected Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam as the location of the party. The hotel is a unique and sustainable 4-star hotel in Amsterdam, where two worlds connect. At the former location where ships left for Jakarta, lies a green oasis in the centre of Amsterdam. With panoramic views over river ‘t IJ on one side, and looking over Amsterdam North and centre on the other, all the guests enjoyed the sunny afternoon together.

Some of the guests were first time invited to the Club House event. The welcome drink at the lobby is a really good start for further communication.

Opening a business in the Netherlands is one of the main services provided by Connect Now. Some guests working for local government or high-tech industrial accelerators contributed their experience how to help the enterprises to enter the European market efficiently. So many creative ideas came out during the productive communications.

Helping our members to better live in the Netherlands would be another mission of Connect Now. Immigration, local education, mortgage, family investment, and other types of services will be supported by Connect Now and our partners. There might be offered some other surprises to our members in very near future. Please keep your attention on us!

Dancing? No, it’s a talent show! The guests were trying to show ‘Connect Now’ with their body language. Really creative! Thank you all, our lovely guests.

Connect Now will be dedicated to helping our different types of members to operate their business well and to integrate into the European culture better. The monthly event will be organized continuously.

Welcome to join us!


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