According to KPMG ’s latest “Growth Commitment Indicator (Development Prospect Index)” report released this year, the Netherlands ’development prospects rank 2nd in the world.

With the process of Brexit, more and more companies choose to move to the Netherlands. According to statistics, 56 companies have moved to the Netherlands (mostly in Amsterdam), including Panasonic, Sony, HSBC, BBC, and even London.

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It turns out that “Brexit” has injected many development possibilities and demands into the Netherlands: more capital injection, more jobs, more talent needs, and more living space requirements.

Now is the perfect time to invest in the Netherlands!

In fact, many Chinese in the Netherlands hope to be able to operate their own funds in the Netherlands in such a period of good economic development and create more wealth and opportunities for themselves. But there are always many difficulties …

What investment projects does the Netherlands have? Which projects are safe, stable and bring high returns?

I want to invest in real estate but I don’t know how to start: how to loan, can non-Dutch citizens invest, and are there any restrictions on Dutch policies? Don’t know the environment of the Dutch real estate market, how to choose a site and loan? Can individuals invest?

Most of the investment funds are in China. How can I invest funds into the Dutch market? What needs to be done and prepared?

Are there such professionals who can lead Chinese people who live in the Netherlands into the Dutch investment market and provide us with professional, reliable and secure information and investment projects?

On October 31st, a “投资精英课堂” business investment seminar was brought to investors in the Netherlands by Connect Now joined hands with HoiTalent and Sunway In this golden autumn season. Buy-to-let Mortgages, Dutch real estate investments and investments in hedge funds and equity were included in this seminar.


As the host, Ms. Xue Zeng, the founder of Connect Now, first welcomed the guests and introduced the various benefits that Connect Now can bring to members. Besides free participation in more than 12 investment training and business events throughout the year, the members will get business opportunities, information, and more possibilities in this business community. Meeting more friends, expanding the personal networks, and enjoying up to 30% discounts on global hotel and flight bookings, members even could get various free and practical consulting services. For more details, please access to Connect Now Individual Member. Welcome to join Connect Now Club House, a club that gathers Chinese and European business elites and investors.


Mr. Hendrik van Zadelhoff from Sellacorte introduced in detail all aspects of applying for a buy-to-let mortgage. Which institutions provide such loans? What is the loan interest rate? What information is needed? What processes need to be followed? It is indeed an expert who has worked in this field for more than 20 years. There is nothing Hendrik does not know about the contents of mortgages, and he explained many questions about mortgage applications.


Except to be a householder, you have the opportunity to become a landlord in the Netherlands. Mr. Vincent Warmenhoven of SAV offers you this possibility. In the face of more and more companies choosing to settle in the Netherlands, there is less and less commercial and residential land in Amsterdam, and there is a great possibility that areas such as northern Amsterdam will be developed by the government. To be landlord now, the average price is not high, and you can wait for the appreciation. However, Vincent also reminded everyone that the risk of this project lies in time, and it is necessary to have faith in the efficiency of the government.


If you think that the investment cycle of real estate investment and real estate investment is too long, fund investment and equity investment may be another option for you. The investment income can be seen within 6 months. Kylla’s senior investment manager Guodong Ni opened two new investment channels for everyone. However, Guodong also reminds everyone that if you want to invest in funds and equity, you must first learn the relevant basic knowledge. Any investment has risks. Please don’t blindly invest.


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